Gatwick - How Low Can You Go?

Gatwick's Big Enough


Over 1,200 Air Traffic Movements (aka flights) at peak, per day. An aircraft over us less than every two minutes – coming your way unless we act now.

Gatwick - How Low Can You Go? (Original from Gatwick’s plans to which we’ve added some place names. Green lines = AONB’s)

Gatwick have a live Consultation on their very serious threat to be as big as Heathrow. Deadline for responses 23.59, 1st December. With your help, we’ve changed how this industry treats our airspace before. We can do it again.

Gatwick’s Consultation is here:

While your own thoughts and words are ideal, the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign has produced some excellent guidance notes to help you respond effectively. Short, medium & long versions here:

Download Short Version (PDF)
Download Medium Version (PDF)
Download Long Version (PDF)
Download Short Version (WORD)
Download Medium Version (WORD)
Download Long Version (WORD)

See them on GACC’s site here

Too busy to review Gatwick’s full online Consultation?
Just email your thoughts here please: -

It is essential you copy in your MP as they can use it as powerful evidence of their Constituents’ views when debating with government Ministers.

Expansion will mean:

  • 35% more flights than 2019
  • 48% more emissions than 2019
  • 5.5% of all UK emissions will come from Gatwick in 2038
  • Being the size of Heathrow (where are they going to put 80m people?)

Like many, we think the Consultation is actually not fit for purpose. However, while that argument is played out, it is essential you have your say.

Gatwick - How Low Can You Go?

Thank you to all of you who attended a packed-out meeting in Penshurst on 8th November. Around 250 people heard Tom Tugendhat MP condemn Gatwick’s plans & Charles Lloyd explain the horror show they have in mind unless we stop them. Gatwick is indeed big enough.

Incredibly, despite there being 35% more flights, Gatwick assert that they will “guarantee that there would be less impact from aircraft noise than was experienced in 2019, even though the airport would have expanded”.

What do they take us for.

Our skies. Your call

Thank you.

Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not

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Gatwick 2014 Consultation

Gatwick 2014 Consultation

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