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Joint Statement released by Martin Barraud and the CAA
Download it here (PDF - 45kb)

We have decided that the JR has more than done its job, and it is time to cease the process.

"You have won in all but law…This is therefore both a factual and practical result which has been achieved by the JR and subsequent negotiations, which would never otherwise have been obtained had the JR not been pursued. You have achieved all that you set out to achieve and more, in effect."
John Steel, QC
39 Essex Chambers

John Steel QC and James Potts, Barrister were GON's Counsel in the Judicial Review. www.39essex.com

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Judicial Review

'Barraud v CAA, with NATS, Gatwick and DfT as Interested Parties in the Defence'

In summary, our case is that the CAA should have Consulted on the airspace change that has happened. The CAA answered that it wasn't an airspace change, so they didn't need to.

Tens of thousands agreed with us and we raised £100,000 in a week locally, in order to commence the Judicial Review proceedings.

We lost the first stage - seeking Permission to go to the Full, Substantive Hearing. We appealed to the Court of Appeal. We won that Appeal, and indeed the judge reserved the Substantive Hearing for the Court of Appeal, the second highest Court in the land, as the decision will set precedents.

The process is now on hold while we see if the CAA et al play ball with their many promises to repair our airspace.

See the Judicial Review documents here:

Witness statement by Martin  Barraud of GON:

Witness statement by Martin  Barraud
of GON
(Acrobat PDF - 745kb)

Statement of Facts & Grounds:

Statement of
Facts & Grounds
(Acrobat PDF - 1.3Mb)

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