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1,000 miles in 10 days

In October 2015 Martin cycled 1,000 miles in 10 days, solo and unsupported, from Spain to Penshurst, Kent.

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Calories burnt:70,776

Raised:£45,085  so far - and counting …

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  • Sat 24 Oct - 15:00 BST
    Penshurst, England

    Home at last! Thank you to all those who made it to Penshurst today and to Michael Knowles who fired the starting gun 18 months ago & was there to say some very generous words.

  • Sat 24 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days



    miles today


    Time to say "Goodbye". And so I do. Thank you - and goodbye.

  • Sat 24 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    Mission completed. Thank you for all your support, all your kind words and all your donations.

  • Sat 24 Oct - 14:35 BST
    Horley, England

    Thousand miles topped - somewhere near Gatwick Airport, as it happens! - all I have to do now is roll down the hill, into the arms of my village.

  • Sat 24 Oct - 14:21 BST
    Horley, England

    No words needed.

  • Sat 24 Oct - 14:19 BST
    Horley, England

    You do the math!

  • Sat 24 Oct - 14:17 BST
    Horley, England

    Nearly home. I know I'm nearly home because I can hear an aeroplane. Here's a view of the front end of the bike - the vital sat-nav plus the GoPro camera.

  • Sat 24 Oct - 07:25 BST
    Chichester, England

    My little black bag …

  • Fri 23 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days



    miles today

    55.17 miles remaining

    I nearly turned around and went back to my Huguenot roots. Didn't. Survived, brutalised and safe in cosy Chichester for the night. Phew.

  • Fri 23 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    … to the road and lorry and car mayhem that is Portsmouth on a Friday night.

  • Fri 23 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    I was really not prepared for the mental shock of moving from these peaceful days on the Loire and in Brittany …

  • Sat 24 Oct - 00:13 BST
    Chichester, England

    It's my last night. 945 in the can. YES!

  • Fri 23 Oct - 22:07 BST
    Portsmouth, England

    Spain, France. Tick.

  • Fri 23 Oct - 22:05 CET
    Portsmouth, England

    Relatively well prepared logistically for this little journey from Spain, but not the shock of being expunged into the Friday night mayhem of this naval City.

  • Fri 23 Oct - 11:37 CET
    La Manche/English Channel

    Au revoir la belle France. The ride to St Malo started at 05.40 this morning but so worth it. Seeyalater!

  • Fri 23 Oct - 10:46 CET
    La Manche/English Channel

    What you can see behind me is France. I had to come very hard and very fast for 3½ hours. I got here - just. And now it's time for breakfast …

  • Fri 23 Oct - 09:30 CET
    St-Malo, France

    This may look like a dreary queue of cars to a cross-channel ferry to you. After a 47 mile blast early this morning to get here in time I think it's absolute Heaven!

  • Thu 22 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days



    miles today

    123.02 miles remaining

  • Thu 22 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    Last night in France for a while. Day 8 took its time.

  • Thu 22 Oct - 21:59 CET
    Combourg, France

    Day 8 look. With almost pro illumination! That's better …

  • Thu 22 Oct - 21:38 CET
    Combourg, France

    Day 8 is done. Phew. That was a tough one. Lots of hills. Bit of rain. Plenty of mud. But I'm here now. Nice lighting tonight.

  • Thu 22 Oct - 17:53 CET
    Saint-Domineuc, France

    Penshurst in less than 48 hours. Hooray.

  • Thu 22 Oct - 17:11 CET
    Near Tréverien, France

    10 miles to go. Day 8. I've loved coming up through W France. There's only about 3 hotels, but there's a coiffeur in every neat little village. About says it all.

  • Thu 22 Oct - 16:45 CET
    Évran, France

    Thanks, CAA. For the last few nights, I've had to sleep on my back with 2 pillows under my knees. Knackered, as you asked. Tough day.

  • Thu 22 Oct - 11:38 CET
    Near Pontivy, France

    I don't care what happens now, I know I can make it home and that is because of Will's will to make it doable. We're all only as good as our teachers …

  • Thu 22 Oct - 11:36 CET
    Near Pontivy, France

    In praise of William Holme - who did all he could to bring this ageing body to a place where it has now completed 800 miles in 7 and a bit days.

  • Thu 22 Oct - 08:17 CET
    Near Pontivy, France

    Day 8. On we go. Thanks for all your fabulous texts & messages. Start to bear right today towards St Malo. Might actually miss all this next week. Or maybe not.

  • Wed 21 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days



    miles today

    226.66 miles remaining

    Day 7. Pontivy, 80 miles from St-Malo, as the car flies. May take me a little longer tomorrow … 54,443 calories burnt from the start of this epic. Dinner time.

  • Wed 21 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    Today's been a bit of a slog to be frank, took it 1 hour at a time, then wolfed Mars Bars. First painkillers of this little adventure consumed, too. Onwards

  • Wed 21 Oct - 20:23 CET
    Pontivy, France

    Doing a job, yes … but it also reminds me of "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" … I think I ate 7,675 calories in chocolate today. No harm done!

  • Wed 21 Oct - 20:22 CET
    Pontivy, France

    This is how it looks when you step off the bike after the 7th consecutive day over 100. Not fussed about how decrepit you see me. This is me. Doing a job.

  • Wed 21 Oct - 12:13 CET
    Near Quilly, France

    Acorns on the track - like a mix of ball bearings and Maltesers, depending on their age. And when you get up really close, look, there's writing on them …

  • Wed 21 Oct - 11:27 CET
    Bains-sur-Oust, France

    Île aux Pies? Sounds like what I need. Is it lunchtime again already?

  • Wed 21 Oct - 09:15 CET
    Near Blain, France

    One or two of you have mentioned I look a bit tired. So here's one of me looking fresh as a daisy, surprisingly chubby-chops considering …

  • Wed 21 Oct - 09:09 CET
    Near Blain, France

    Good morning from me & my friends on a cold, fresh, French, Autumn morning. When this battle is won, I will return and enjoy it all - in slow motion!

  • Tue 20 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days



    miles today

    336.96 miles remaining

    Maybe last night my glass was half empty. Like my energy levels. Now it's half full. We've prised a door open and made the aviation industry start to listen.

  • Tue 20 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    Day 6. This is how it pans out on my app through the day. I'm following the Velodessey Route hence the squiggles.

  • Tue 20 Oct - 19:03 CET
    Le Gâvre, France

    Day 6. 7pm. Just booked the hotel for tonight - sounds very nice. Auberge de la Forêt. Just have an hour of cruising down this canal to top the 100 tonight.

  • Tue 20 Oct - 16:04 CET
    St Nazaire, France

    We have forced the debate, now we have to draw the right conclusions. I'll keep pedalling - but not over that there. I'm not completely nuts!

  • Tue 20 Oct - 16:04 CET
    St Nazaire, France

    A very significant moment
    15 months, thousands of your voices and we just heard this from the Minister, Robert Goodwill.

    "There is a debate to be had as to whether we should fly down these accurate navigation lanes and limit the number of people affected or whether we should in effect go back to the situation we had in the past where (because aircraft could not navigate so accurately) we had a dispersed level of flying out of the airports concerned and therefore the noise was spread around."
    Robert Goodwill, Adjournment Debate, Mitigation of Noise Around Heathrow 19/10/2015

  • Tue 20 Oct - 15:25 CET
    Nantes, France

    What to do with your derelict wharf side buildings. This is a 'cultural installation' in Nantes dockyards. And why not. See the movie on my Facebook page

  • Tue 20 Oct - 11:38 CET
    St Michel Chef Chef, France

    Chef Chef? Is it time for lunch already?

  • Tue 20 Oct - 09:07 CET
    La Loire, France

    En attendant Noël. Waiting for Christmas. Banks de la Loire. Day 6.

  • Mon 19 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days



    miles today

    443.78 miles remaining

    Arrived in Pornic. At last! What a stunningly beautiful place, with an enclosed harbour.

  • Mon 19 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    Long day. But newsletter out - thanks to the dual miracles of the Internet and the mobile phone network. Extraordinary! From a bicycle!! Funds rolling in.

  • Mon 19 Oct - 19:45 CET
    Pornic, France

    8½ hours in the saddle, 112 miles. Everyone in the aviation industry needs to know, we're not going to give up this fight easily, to get our skies back. OK?

  • Mon 19 Oct - 19:07 CET
    Port du Collet, France

    Wetlands. Everywhere.

  • Mon 19 Oct - 14:44 CET
    Meanwhile in the UK

    And if you're going to be an airport, be a good neighbour. Pleased to see this letter in the Indie today.

  • Mon 19 Oct - 14:44 CET
    Bretignolles-sur-Mer, France

    It's simple really. If you're going to be a seagull, live somewhere near a farm by the sea. Worms for breakfast, fish for tea.

  • Mon 19 Oct - 14:29 CET
    Bretignolles-sur-Mer, France

    Moules, moules, moules for hundreds of moules …
    sorry, miles!

  • Mon 19 Oct - 11:05 CET
    Meanwhile in LONDON

    Rest assured that plenty is still going on: Multi-airport campaign groups meeting with senior DfT people today, chaired by a GON'er. Thanks CL!

  • Mon 19 Oct - 11:04 CET
    Le Roc Saint Jean, France

    2 hours actual ride time, 5 min break, taking snap on left when SCUBA man appears out of nowhere over the cliff with mini-boat on his back. "Bonjour!"

  • Mon 19 Oct - 09:16 CET
    La Plage de Rocher, France

    Quiet route on half way day.

  • Sun 18 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days



    miles today

    556.16 miles remaining

    104 miles today, that's 444 over the 4.3 days. So, very happy. Feeling very chipper tonight! Great day in the saddle. Day 4 dans la sac.

  • Sun 18 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    Wibbly-wobbly route today, but slowly crawling up the W. coast of France. Everywhere "Fermé" for 100's of miles, so always a little unsure of finding a bed.

  • Sun 18 Oct - 20:06 CET
    La Tranche-sur-Mer, France

    I was lucky tonight, finding the lovely "Atlantique" hotel in La Tranche-sur-Mer. Marvellous. Time for an enormous meal. Again.

  • Sun 18 Oct - 16:16 CET
    Luçon, France

    Time to slow down and take it all in. Lot of time to think on a bike. Tum-te-tum …

  • Sun 18 Oct - 17:14 CET

    Sun on my face. River at my side. Following wind. 80 miles done. Good day.

  • Sun 18 Oct - 16:00 CET
    Near Marans, France

    4pm. Day 4. Tea-time. Final session of 4 to go. Just turning west with a following wind and sun on my face. Sublime.

  • Sun 18 Oct - 14:16 CET
    La Grande Cote, France

    I'm not sure which is easier; cycling 100 miles a day for what seems like forever or ensuring a change in government policy. I don't intend to give up on either.

  • Sun 18 Oct - 12:15 CET
    La Rochelle, France

    Even I can't believe how much I'm eating to keep up with 7,000 calorie burn per day. Now a giant hamburger is before me at La Rochelle.

  • Sun 18 Oct - 11:50 CET
    La Rochelle, France

    If it wasn't for Gatwick and their behaviour I wouldn't have rumbled through La Rochelle. Merci! What a beautiful place.

  • Sun 18 Oct - 08:15 CET
    Subrise, France

    Good morning! Just nipped over the 100 yesterday. Your texts, emails & social media comments keep me going. Thanks, even if I can't reply that swiftly.

  • Sat 17 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days



    miles today

    660.16 miles remaining

    Couldn't make it to Fortress Rochefort - too many motorways. Fortunate to find a bed here in Subrise.
    Phew! Tired tonight …

  • Sat 17 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    Life after my wonderful lunch … Look, no ill-effects!

  • Sat 17 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    Life before my wonderful lunch … nearly 51 miles.

  • Sat 17 Oct - 20:27 CET
    Subrise, France

    Very poor signal, hence radio silence all day today. In a little village called Subrise near Rochefort. Found a room - they were having a blues night!

  • Sat 17 Oct - 12:18 CET
    Port de Royan, France

    Promise not to be a foodie poster but how absolutely perfect does this look? Maybe it's the atmosphere. Or relief that I have all pm in the sun to do 50 miles.

  • Sat 17 Oct - 12:15 CET
    Port de Royan, France

    Off the ferry now, time for lunch - & here it is! Just a little café / restaurant right by the ferry terminal. No meal will ever taste as good as this.

  • Sat 17 Oct - 11:35 CET
    Pointe de Grave, France

    3½ hours on the bike, 50 miles done. Just made the ferry with 5 minutes to spare. Phew! Very, very happy to be on this boat across the Gironde estuary.

  • Sat 17 Oct - 08:32 CET
    Maubuisson, France

    Good morning! Sunrise, day 3 and I'm well on the road through the Médoc, North of Bordeaux. Great wine country.
    Quiet isn't it?

  • Fri 16 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days



    miles today

    761.38 miles remaining

    Day 2 comes to a close. 9 o'clock. 109 miles done. Weary but content, given the 2 hour chain issue. Found the hotel - time for dinner!

  • Fri 16 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    Life after wonderful Jackie …

  • Fri 16 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    Life before wonderful Jackie …

  • Fri 16 Oct - 21:33 CET
    Lacanau-Océan, France

    You know you've been on the bike too long when the sat nav goes to night-time mode! Slightly because I went to the wrong Lacanau - Village not Océan.

  • Fri 16 Oct - 18:33 CET
    Arès, France

    18.30 on Day 2, about another 24k to go and then I'm done, after this slightly eventful day! Thank you for all your messages. So many, I can't keep up!

  • Fri 16 Oct - 12:02 CET
    Parentis-en-Born, France

    So, after that little intermission with the wonderful Jacky and the broken chain, I need to go flat out for 4 hours to make up the 100 today. Va va vroom!

  • Fri 16 Oct - 11:49 CET
    Lac de Gastes, France

    I just said goodbye to Jacky - what an amazing man! It was quite an emotional moment. I've lost 2 hours and gained so much. Absolutely fantastic help.

  • Fri 16 Oct - 11:38 CET
    Lac de Gastes, France

    Merci Jacky (in the red cap). Le meilleur Samaritan.
    Love outboard motor yards and their people. Love the French!

  • Fri 16 Oct - 11:03 CET
    Lac de Gastes, France

    The problem is that there was too much grease on the chain and it picked up all the wood in that forest - now I have plenty of people helping me!

  • Fri 16 Oct - 10:51 CET
    Lac de Gastes, France

    The problem. And the solution. Jacky's machine couldn't mend it, so he brought me to 'le mechanique' - this amazing little mechanic's shop.

  • Fri 16 Oct - 10:13 CET
    Lac de Biscarosse, France

    So my chain broke as I was going through a forest in the middle of nowhere. Jacky, the only man I'd seen all morning, just happened to be jogging past.

  • Fri 16 Oct - 09:17 CET
    St Eulalie En Born, France

    Someone living on there, pottering about. Bliss …

  • Fri 16 Oct - 08:08 CET
    St Eulalie En Born, France

    Love French cycle paths.
    Cars can't get me here.

  • Fri 16 Oct - 06:35 CET
    Mimizan, France

    Day 2. Ocean Drive!

  • Fri 16 Oct - 06:34 CET
    Lac d'Aureilhan, France

    Good Morning!

  • Fri 16 Oct - 06:30 CET
    Mimizan, France

    Breakfast done, and time to go. North!

  • Thu 15 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days



    miles today

    871.31 miles remaining

    Day 1 comes to an end. Phew. But a lovely day on the bike.

  • Thu 15 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    7,300 calories burnt. Steak frites time!

  • Thu 15 Oct - 20:23 CET
    Mimizan, France

    Day 1 has finished. 900 miles to go. Really perfect day for riding and it can only be downhill from now on. That's not such a bad thing, actually!

  • Thu 15 Oct - 19:30 CET
    Saint-Julien-en-Born, France

    Not Paris, Texas. But not dissimilar. Except for the Ocean on the horizon. Definitely not 'ouvert' whatever the boards say.

  • Thu 15 Oct - 18:04 CET
    Contis-les-Bains, France

    Middle of nowhere, in the middle of the forest, I come across this camp-site made of twigs and moss. Free to use - how wonderful is that? Loving France.

  • Thu 15 Oct - 08:15 CET
    near Léon, France

    Smooth, empty, traffic free cycle paths for mile after mile after mile up the Atlantic Coast. Perfect.

  • Thu 15 Oct - 12:17 CET
    North of Biarritz, France

    I'm in a very good place, just N. of Biarritz now. Sun is out, no rain, no wind. Mile after mile of perfect pathway. I couldn't be happier!

  • Thu 15 Oct - 10:23 CET
    Biarritz, France

    Surfers & shadows, Biarritz. Time for a coffee, I think. Note the subtle shadow-play of photographer and his mount!

  • Thu 15 Oct - 08:15 CET
    Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France

    My sturdy horse has several uses! (Other items discretely hidden …)

  • Thu 15 Oct - 08:01 CET
    Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France

    Today's plan. What's not to like?

    (In case you were wondering, 100% of the costs for this little trip are being met privately)

  • Wed 14 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days



    miles today

    972.06 miles remaining

    Only 972 miles left to go!

  • Wed 14 Oct
    1,000 miles in 10 days

    Really just bedding in with the bike and all the bits today. The real work starts tomorrow …

  • Wed 14 Oct - 21:13 CET
    Hendaye, France

    This might take 10 weeks not 10 days. Keep stopping to take pics. Sense this is going to be a very interesting trip, following the Ocean for days.

  • Wed 14 Oct - 21:05 CET
    Hendaye, France

    Bike: dix points. Velodessey downloaded route: nil. More a virtual felt tip, guiding general direction. The Atlantic does the same job rather more grandly.

  • Wed 14 Oct - 20:55 CET
    Hendaye, France

    First glimpse of the Atlantic. Hendaye, where some rather special people had their Honeymoon (on bicycles) back in the 50's

  • Wed 14 Oct - 16:21 CET
    San Sebastian, Spain

    The Journey starts...now! 4.21pm Spanish time, 14th October 2015.

    Adios, amigos. A-w-a-y!

  • Tue 13 Oct - 22:05 CET
    Bilbao Airport, Spain

    A great start. My New Best Friend Ivaulo, the Cabbie who drew the short straw and big box at Bilbao airport, just smiled and got it into that cab somehow!

  • Tue 12 Oct - 10:31 BST
    Penshurst, Kent, UK

    If I succeed it will be thanks to my trusty steed and to Will Holme, my personal trainer. Also those fabulous people in Velo House Twells.

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